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«Walk the talk» – lær av Clarion Ernst hotell.

1 mai

Clarion Ernst hotell Kristiansand

Clarion Ernst hotell Kristiansand

I slutten av 90 tallet leste jeg boken «Principal Centered Leadership» av Stephen Covey, hvor han skriver om et hotelbesøk som gjorde inntrykk på han. Han beskriver betjeningen som tar imot han, som om han var den mest verdifulle gjesten de noen gang hadde hatt. Han skriver om hotelbetjeningen for å beskrive hva uttrykket «om å gå den ekstra mila» betyr. Den ene ledelsesguruen etter den andre snakker om «å gi mer enn det som forventes». Les videre


Willing to learn – they cannot ignore you

22 jul

 Get as good as you can in your field so that the environment around you and the labor market cannot ignore you!

Leadership is about what you do when your boss, your colleagues, your friends and your network does not see you. It’s about how you spend your time when you’re not in the «limelight,» says Sharma.

Robin Sharma

February 14 last year I, Loveleen, participated at a seminar with Robin Sharma, one of the world’s five best speakers on leadership and personal development. Sharma spoke of being a » Leader without title», which is also the title of one of his books.

He believes that leadership is about character and responsibility. The advices Sharma provide, or hundreds of other management gurus give are alike. They use different examples, but the core is quite similar. One of the advices I would like to point out, that I think may be useful for Seema participants, are always be willing to learn and develop.

Willingness to learn

This is a theme and a focus area that I have been concerned about for a long time. To deliver good results, strengthen your business or organization, you must be willing to grow and learn. Your growth will affect your reputation, who you attract, your confidence about what you work for or about your passion, and it affects your success in you business or personal life.

«As long as you’re green, you’re growing. As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot» (Ray Kroc).

Some believe that if they receive an award, a title or a degree, they have reached the goal. They stop learning more, they cease to accept new ideas or listen to others. They stop growing.

Attend seminars and workshops.

My advice is: read something new within your field every day. You must develop, renew yourself, and be willing to integrate something new with the familiar, every day. Seek people who know more than you, and include

people working in the same field as you. Choose your friends and your network that promotes growth, either on the professional or personal level. The more you read or learn about a subject or a phenomenon, the «greener» you become, the danger of «rot» is reduced. When you learn and develop yourself every day, you will be noticed. They cannot ignore you!